Christopher Worth is a working Artist

who was born in Connecticut and raised in West Virginia. He has done some form of art for the majority of his life, using art as a base language to express emotion and to navigate systems as a young person who went through the foster care system.

In 1999-2000, Chris began his undergraduate work at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. While at Marshall, in the visual art program, Chris came under the tutelage of Stanley Sporny. Stanley was a renowned artist who studied under Red Grooms, Alice Neal, Elaine de Kooning, James Brooks, Paul Georges, and Larry Poons.

Chris was directly impacted by this pedigree. He also came under the influence of Peter Massing, Micheal Cornfeld, and feminist art historian Dr. Susan Jackson.

Chris’s style pulls from colorists such as Pierre Bonard, but applying that technique with social realist subject matter for ethos. He sees himself as a Neo German Expressionist, building his images in a colorist framework.